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According to a scientific research, listening is the first skill that we acquire as humans, and around 85% of what we learn is through our sense of hearing. Audiobooks can definitely make the learning a much easier process for those people who have a difficulty in reading or are differently abled. It can also make it an all-inclusive fun activity!

Audiobooks can also become a welcome addition to every human society for they have something unique to offer for all kinds of people i.e. readers as well as non-readers. Audiobooks can also be beneficial for the second-language learners, visually impaired people, struggling readers, and the ardent book lovers. In many cases, audiobooks have proven to be successful in providing a novel way for society to easily access literature by providing an interesting alternative to the reading practice.

Roshni Publication has been working for the last four decades to provide bibliophiles around the world the quality literature. With the advent of modern technology, reading paperback books has become a rather arduous task as the new-age metropolitan life leaves very limited personal space and little leisure time for the reading to the busy social dwellers.

To overcome this dilemma, Roshni Publication has taken a great initiative and introduced ‘Audiobooks’. These audiobooks would be handy, trendy, and well-narrated. Such audiobooks for various genres of world literature can become a transformative experience for the listeners for its ease of access.

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Shah Jo Risalo (Sur Kalyan)

Recitation: Taj joyo


Shah Jo Risalo - Sur Kalyan: Melody of Peace (Episode - II)

Shah Jo Risalo - Sur Kalyan: Melody of Peace (Episode - I)

Shah Jo Risalo - Sur Kalyan: Melody of Peace - Taj Joyo

Selected Poetry Of Hassan Dars – read by Erum Mahboob and Naseer Mirza