Ethical Publishing Policy


Roshni Publication strongly believe that ethical publishing leads to a better and healthy literary community, where everyone is valued and everyone is responsible for the work they do. In respect of the ethical publishing policy, we consider the following aspects of ethical practice in publishing:

  • Guardianship of the scholarly record

  • Safeguard editorial independence

  • Originality and Acknowledgement of Sources

  • Avoidance of the risk of plagiarism¬†and respect for intellectual property

  • Respect for the diverse ideas and stories

  • Respect for all cultures and literature

  • Identification of and dealing with allegations of misconduct

  • Identification of and dealing with manipulations of citations

  • Disclosure of any conflicts of interest

  • Provide editors with technical, procedural & legal support

Publishing Ethics guidelines for authors

  1. Declare to your chosen Publisher that your manuscript is not published elsewhere

  2. Declare any conflicts of interest

  3. Check all co-authors meet criteria for authorship and ensure appropriate acknowledgements made in the manuscript

  4. Include appropriate, updated and accurate data in the manuscript

  5. Sign a copyright agreement