Ali Nawaz & Shamshad Nawaz - Founders of Roshni Publication
Roshni publication was founded in the year 1980 by Mr. Ali Nawaz Ghanghro and his better-half and a great pillar of support, Mrs. Shamshad Nawaz Ghanghro, at Kandiaro. Prior to the setting up of his publication house, Mr. Nawaz was associated with the publication wing of Sain G.M Syed's political party. But at a later stage he had to part ways because there he was engaged with the production of only political content and he wanted to achieve his niche in the world of Sindhi literature. During its fomenting years, in the early 1980s, the RP started with the publication of its first magazine by collecting funds from friends. After the first magazine met with the commercial as well as the critical success, Roshni Publication plunged into the field of publishing Sindhi literature books full time. Today, it holds a record number of more than 1200 literary titles of which nearly 300 are global literature translations into Sindhi language and 300 are its best selling classics. Its main aim was to create quality books for readers of all age and strata. Recently, it has achieved another milestone by setting up a Sindhi-English Translation Bureau, and a separate English Editorial Branch. With their untiring efforts and unflinching resolve, Mr. & Mrs. Ali Nawaz have been successful enough to establish this well disciplined and reputable company.
Ali Nawaz Ghanghro - C.E.O
Ali Nawaz is the president and CEO of Roshni Publication, where he has worked for the past 38 years. Publishing hundreds of prominent authors over the years, Ali nawaz has played a crucial role in the strategic development of authors. Ali Nawaz is also directly responsible for establishing separate, English editorial branch and Translation bureau of Roshni publication.  Ali Nawaz is also the producer of Sahati Literary Festival, a Fest of books and ideas, driven by the vision to celebrate all types of literature for all ages
Taj Joyo – Editor
Taj Joyo is a writer of the Sindhi language and a social activist. He remained Secretary of Sindhi Language Authority Sindh, 04 times Secretary General of Sindhi Adabi Sangat. A published author, experienced Editor, and an award-winning social activist since 1970, Taj Joyo is a prolific, multifaceted Editor & writer in his own right who specializes in character-driven narratives and genre works.
Halar Nawaz - Managing Director
Halar Nawaz is the financial strategist responsible for Roshni Publication’s investment strategy. Through his direction and efficient resource management, we have moved into key high-growth Publishing areas, which have resulted in niche and specialized segments of growth. He holds a Master of Public Policy from NDU and currently spearheading Roshni Publication’s new initiative ‘Roshni Books, a bookstore chain.
Waqas Nawaz - Production & Distribution Director
Waqas is a senior Production & distribution director at Roshni Publication. Waqas has always been a step ahead of the curve in understanding tomorrow’s demand and has led several transformations at the Publication. Having majored in Sindhi literature during his Master, Waqas has also initiated several leading world literature translations into Sindhi language. His areas of expertise include strategy, Production, distribution and Sales management
Dr Shamsuddin Tunio – Academic Editor
Dr Shamsuddin Tunio is Dean FCPD SAU Tandojam at Sindh Agriculture University; He also directs the Agriculture Governance Research Group and is on the steering committee for the Centre for Agriculture Research. He is passionate about ensuring that creative processes are managed effectively and with professionalism. Tunio’s years of experience in academic management and writing enrich the firm collaboration by ensuring manuscripts are not only well written and marketable, but align with the authors’ vision.

Fatima Hasan - Editor

A lifelong literature and art enthusiast, she earned her Master in creative and critical writing from university of Sussex and her bachelors in English literature from Beaconhouse national university. Fatima Hasan assists in the editorial department of Roshni Publication, where she reviews manuscripts. She is also a creative writing instructor at SussexWrites and highly passionate about helping writers bring great stories into the world.

Naseer Mirza - Editor
Naseer Baig Mirza is a renowned writer and broadcaster. He has compiled and written more than 30 books. He is also the member of much literary organization. He is working as Regional Director / Station Director PBC, Broadcasting House, Hyderabad. Naseer Mirza did his Bachelors from Sachal College and Masters in Mass Communication from University of Sindh Jamshoro in 1981
Binish Suhail – Desk Editor
Binish Suhail is a desk editor at Roshni Publication. After the Commissioning Editor has finished with the structural edit, She reviews manuscript through the various stages: copy editing, proofing and as many round of corrections to bring valuable content for our readers. She is very passionate about detail and things being in the right place, and able to actually enjoy going through pages and pages of marking up random word changes. She is a valuable asset for Roshni publication. She holds a Master in English Literature from SU.
Ali Aakash – Editor
Ali Akash is a well-known poet, writer and Journalist, born in 1975 in Kamber Ali Khan, District Larkana. He works with prospective authors to diagnose their needs and offer creative and efficient solutions. He delves into the minutiae of projects through a comprehensive review process to determine the best possible strategy for developing a book that not only captures the style and message, but is also captivating, well-written, and marketable. He holds MA in Urdu Literature and also in Sociology
Dr Paras - Translation Bureau Director & Translator 
Dr Paras is a director of Translation Bureau at Roshni Publication. Her work is animated by an interest in the ideas, ethics, philosophy and politics of both poststructural and feminist frameworks. She has also translated many literary works into Sindhi language including Arundhati Roy’s ‘The ministry of utmost happiness’. She believes contemporary translations provide fascinating insights into life of other cultures and countries. She takes the passion of the new and unknown and brings it to life for an entirely different linguistic and cultural group. In a fast-paced world so rife with misunderstanding and confusion, her role for translation Bureau helps to share knowledge and experiences across cultural boundaries
Sindhoo Nawaz -  Media & Campaigns Director
As a Media & Campaign Director with Roshni Publication, Sindhoo Nawaz is responsible for conceiving, developing, and executing innovative communication strategies and engages readers with our books through different campaigns. She research, plan, and implement campaign strategies based on polls. After completing her BFA in Film & TV, she became passionate Art Director, worked on several documentaries and social campaigns. She joined Roshni Publication in 2015. Her passion for film making and media has led her to teach film classes at several universities. Sindhoo is also a director of Sahati Literary Festival.
Tarique Ahmed - Translator
Tarique Ahmed Abro belongs to a tiny village in Larkana. He has obtained a post-graduate degree in Economics and has plans to pursue his higher studies. He is an ardent reader of literature, and a bonafide music lover. Beside his literary pursuits, he has a passion for writing to English dailies, gardening, and Chess.
Qurat-ul-Ain - Creative Advisor; Modern Literatures, Art & Cultures
Qurat-ul-Ain is a creative advisor and ensures that sound strategy and integration are at the heart of all our campaigns. With an Arts background, she is a unique hybrid in the Publishing world – a creative mind with an understanding of and appreciation for social and cultural aspects of our society, Qurat-ul-ain specializes in cultural suitability and social media. She is also pursuing second year of her Bachelor’s degree from National College of arts, Lahore in Cultural studies
Kaptan Abro - Graphic designer 
Kaptan Abro is a graphic designer, who has spent over 10 years in the field of art and designing, managing several designing projects for local, national and international clients. Kaptan has the ability to think creatively and conceptualize ideas that connect with both B2B and consumer audiences, while always fitting within design parameters and budget constraints. He also works for Daily Kawish Newspaper and Culture Department of Sindh Government
Sheraz Abro - Sub-Editor  
Sheraz Ahmed is a human rights activist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently pursuing bachelors in Law from International Islamic University, Islamabad. His reading interests include History, Literature, Law, Politics, Philosophy & Poetry. He also serves as the President of Law Students' Council Pakistan. He tweets @sheraza29
Fatima Mughal - Social Media Coordinator 
Fatima Mughal has more than 03 years’ experience of designing and developing for the web. She has extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of both dynamic and static web pages. Fatima has created a broad range of digital marketing materials including websites, micro sites, e-newsletters, e-directs and online advertising. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Media science from Institute for Art & Culture, Lahore.
Sarmad Baloch – Illustrator and VFX Animator
Sarmad Baloch create images in black and white or colour, based on the creative brief given to him, he also carry out several other designing projects at Roshni Publication. He specializes in producing Academic, scientific and technical illustrations that are used in textbooks and online media, and mixing new technology-driven methodologies with traditional drawing.