Welcome to Roshni Publication Printing & Self-publishing book services. We are delighted for the visit to our site. We offer affordable print service. If you spend a few minutes touring our site, you’ll see that we’re enthusiastic about printing and customer service. Peruse our superior high quality printing and vibrant samples that we’ve printed over the years. We hope to earn your business by providing you with extraordinary value, super-friendly service, and by demonstrating a sense of urgency for your printing projects.

Finding the right print partner? we are the solution offering affordable services for your hard cover book and perfect boundphoto & coffee table bookschildren’s booksmagazinescatalogscalendarsflash cardsboard games and many other projects. Roshni Publication Printing services steps in and handles every aspect of the process to make printing from locally a stress free experience, with the best printing services experience!

When seeking low cost printing, Roshni publication guides you on the nature of your project.

  1. Size – Yes size does matter when seeking the best printing services!  Printing from domestically, Roshni Publication will direct which of our two printers is suitable for your large or small dimension books.

  2. Ink – Either 4 color process, 4 color + Pantone or black ink we will guide moving forward, providing the best cost effective price.

  3. Quantities – Depending on the specifications of your Project, Roshni Publication helps determinate best production solution with affordable pricing.

  4. Shipping – Sometimes shipping books can reduce/even out printing companies’ production prices.  This is where Roshni Publication Printing works to find the best printing services for your project.



We believe that what makes you fast will make you successful. We are fast and getting faster. We are obsessed with clocks, not calendars. From 1 to 1 Million, Roshni Publication Printing can help you go faster.


Selection is a term you’d expect to hear from a big retailer like Amazon, not from a printer. But with too much to do, and never enough time, it’s a word you’ll appreciate from your printer too. Our huge selection – from business cards to billboards – can help with any Print project.


After 38 years of eagerly serving our customers, we’ve made a habit of it – every day – starting with consistent performance around simple principles.

  • Quality; Great products that you can count on, time after time

  • Expertise; 100% Pakistan-based service team

  • Communication; Quick to connect with plain, direct answers

  • Appreciation;  A genuine smile and a friendly voice


Over the past couple of decades, the world of media and communications was reinvented. First the internet and then mobile technology made amazing new things possible. Over that same time, Print has quietly undergone a series of changes that resulted in a massive evolution, and an explosion of new possibilities and combinations. The result is that Print – the Original Mass Media – has become stronger and more capable than ever.

As we work with our customers and partners to Reinvent Print, we’ll share what we’re learning here and via LinkedIn and Twitter. So take a look around, and then stop back from time to time to see what’s new!


Since we opened our doors in 1981, Roshni Publication’s Printing has been constantly learning and growing and adopting new technologies.

Whether through speed, selection or service, this deep experience enables us to provide you with the best the world of print has to offer. An advantage that younger printers struggle to match.

If you require further information or instruction about any printing service form us, please contact us directly at printingservices@roshnipublication.com

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