We bring together some of the most curious and compassionate, intelligent and argumentative writers, screenwriters, musicians, and writers of cutting-edge nonfiction, to some of the leading public intellectuals, scientists and journalists. With the finest writing and storytelling at its core, our Fest of books and ideas is driven by the vision that animate all types of literature, and we call it ‘Sahati literary festival’

Literary festivals are undoubtedly an international phenomenon, but interior parts of the country remained bereft of such healthy and creative activities. We intend to provide people from all walks of life, an opportunity to have a culturally rich experience.

Sahati literary festival, the first of its kind in Sahati region of Sindh, inspired Sahitains of all ages to love reading, literature, and Art. We were excited to bring the Festival to Sahati region for the first time in March 2018. More than 100 events, attracted audiences of up to 50,000 for a three-days long Fest of books and ideas. It has the following highlights: literary Session, Debates, Art Exhibition, Photo Exhibition, Theatre Plays, Meena Baza, Craft exhibition, Folk Kachehri, Photography Exhibition, Painting exhibition, children’s stall, outdoor movies screening and Mushaira.

We are really thankful to all the writers, moderators, intellectuals, singers, management team, volunteers and participants, who showed the great level of support and trust on us and also to the generous support of sponsors, and individuals who believe in the power of reading to change lives. We are committed to present the Festival free of charge, every year.

Key Speakers

Sheema Kermani, Being highly acclaimed dance artist of Subcontinent, accepted invitation from us to inaugurate our Sahati Literary festival. Through her talk she uplifted the spirit of "Small town People" of Interior Sindh. She gave them an alternative vision of Pakistan, where borders between genders and class must be done away with. Sheema Kermani’s efforts to revive dance in a conservative society have created a cultural revolution in Pakistan. Her dauntless efforts to integrate, mainstream, and mobilize classical dance, theater, television, and drama as forms of alternative communication have been liberating, particularly for women. In an environment of animosity and suspicion, dance/drama is a medium widely accepted by all segments of society and helps to foster peace and friendship in the region.

Hamida Ghanghro, the key moderator of the feminist session of Sahati literary festival, where role models of Sindh society inspired young girls of Sahati region to choose careers outside four walls. Indeed, a genuine comrade a revolutionary woman.

Javed Qazi, roots and his father's people oriented politics must have called upon him to come all the way from Karachi and interact with the new lot of Sahati region, who already were familiar with him through Hum TV program and his articles. He helped them to relive Qazi Faiz Muhammad's struggles, the man who was brave enough to work for the causes of peasants and minor nations. His talk and the way he concluded it with Faiz Ahmed Faiz''s couplet set the people centric mood of this festival. It was like having a conversation with History of Progressive Pakistan not in drawing rooms of urban places, but in open air with plebeians.

Naz Sahito, is a journalist and music researcher from Hyderabad who has an interest in music and the history of music around the world.‘I really feel elevated n enthralled by observing SAHITI literature festival at Kandiaro. It’s really matter of pride for me and our friends that our long time friend Ali Nawaz Ghanghro has groomed his daughters in a way that they have restored the forgotten literary and cultural identity of SAHITI region after a break of at least 3 decades. Participation by huge number of writers, intellectuals, media practitioners, activists, artists , specially youth and women reinforced our belief that Sindh can re-emerge as a land of diversity and pluralism ,I was emotionally charged ,when after long pause , my native region was reintroducing it as land of diversity with creating environments to give opportunities to show case the talent by young boys n girls ,discussing issue, which are very much related to our land ,we recalled missing glory of regions , legends of SAHATI’’

Siraj-ul-Haq, is a Pakistani television director. He is best known for his works Parsa, Tum Mere Kya Ho, Roshan Sitara, Humnasheen and Bunty I Love You that earned him three nominations as Best Director Drama Serial nomination at Hum Awards. I am a free spirited wanderer... a visual poet... a wide-eyed dreamer... a storyteller. I journey where stories take me, mega cities and particularly rural heartlands, landscapes and mindscapes... I believe that there is no magic that the magic of cinema. Hosting an open-air cinema event for the public of Sahati region is a unique experience for me. Literary festivals like Sahati are bringing people back to the ‘silver screen’ that have not been to the cinema for many years.  It is also a real ‘bringer together’ of people of all ages and backgrounds.’

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